Planning & Zoning Board

The purpose of the Planning & Zoning Board is to make recommendations to the Town Council regarding requests for rezonings and to approve subdivision and site plans. The Board considers requests for properties located within the Town limits or in the Extraterratorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) area, which is the area north of County Line Road and west to Forsyth County.

The Board meets on the 4th Thursday of every month at 7 pm in the Council Chambers of Oak Ridge Town Hall.


Planning & Zoning Board Members (click on the name of the member to send an email)

Jason Streck, Chair
(336) 215-8313
Term Expires: 5/2024

Nancy Stoudemire, Vice Chair
(336) 643-6516
Term Expires: 12/2024

Patti Paslaru
(336) 644-6140
Term Expires:  9/2025

Ron Simpson
(336) 643-2768
Term Expires: 11/2025

Patrick Fiorentino
(336) 402-7151
Term Expires:  3/2026


Megan Dyson
(336) 339-1387
Term Expires: 6/2024

Craig Rosenfeld
(480) 251-3299  
Term Expires: 11/2025

Tara Tillman
(336) 644-6008
Term Expires: 3/2026