Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for assisting with the creation of the annual budget. It typically meets approximately 4 times per year between February and April. Meeting dates can be found on the Town calendar.


Finance Committee Members:

Stuart Mease, Chair
(540) 641-4444
Term expires: 1/2026

Paul Kress, Vice Chair
(336) 402-6886
Term expires: 2/2026

John Jenkins
(336) 644-0048
Term expires:  2/2026

Edyie Bryant
(336) 644-6879  
Term expires: 2/2025


Danielle Walraven

(630) 726-7016 
Term expires: 2/2025

Council Liaisons:

Mike Stone, Mayor Pro Tem
(336) 402-0144
Council liaison (non-voting member)