Annual Budget and Audit Reports

The 2022-23 fiscal year budget was adopted at the June 2, 2022 meeting of the Town Council. The approved budget holds the property tax rate steady at 8 cents per $100. The fiscal year budget covers the period of July 1-June 30.

Guilford County collects property taxes for the Town of Oak Ridge. Tax bills are generally mailed out each year around the first of August. On your tax bill, you will generally see Guilford County tax, the Town of Oak Ridge tax, and the fire department tax.

The annual independent audit is a statue statutory requirement that typically must be submitted to the State of NC Local Government Commission by October 31. An independent audit firm that is contracted by the Town gives a report to the Town Council in November or December of each year.

Prior year budgets and audit reports not shown here are available upon request by contacting Town Hall at (336) 644-7009 or emailing Town Clerk Sandra Smith at

For questions regarding the budget, please feel free to contact Town Hall.