Facilities and Other Rentals

Picnic shelters, athletic fields, the amphitheater, and open areas (applies only to business uses) are available for rental. While using a park facility, you may also rent a tent canopy (10' x 10') or horseshoes.

Reservations are required to ensure priority use of the facility. A date is not booked until the proper paperwork has been submitted, fees paid, and your reservation confirmed. (Organized teams or groups must first contact the Parks & Recreation Department before using park facilities.)

To reserve a facility at the park:
Fill out a Facility Rental Agreement and submit it to Town Hall with the proper payment (consult the Facility Rental Fee Schedule). Forms can be emailed to info@oakridgenc.com or turned it at Town Hall. (Call Town Hall at 336-644-7009 with any questions you may have.)

  • Make your payment. Payments can be accepted in cash, check (made payable to the Town of Oak Ridge), or debit/credit card. You must call Town Hall (336-644-7009) with your debit/credit card information.
  • Receive a confirmation. You will receive a receipt/confirmation once your reservation is approved.
  • Users of Town of Oak Ridge facilities must abide by the Town's rules and regulations (see below). Failure to do so may result in users being asked to leave or possible denial of future rental requests. Renters are also subject to clean-up or damage repair fees at a rate of $20/hour/staff person.

Picnic shelters: available to rent 8am-12pm, 12:30pm-4:30pm, or 5:00pm-9:00pm, or, for a full day (2 of the 3 time blocks)

  • Oak Ridge resident: $40.00 for a 4-hour period / $60.00 for a full day
  • Non-resident: $50.00 for a 4-hour period / $75.00 for a full day
  • Non-profit: $32.00 for a 4-hour period / $48.00 for a full day

Tent canopies are available for rental at ORTP (See Facility Rental Fee Schedule below.) Horseshoes may also be rented upon receipt of a $50 refundable deposit.

Ball fields (2-hour minimum)

  • Oak Ridge resident: $12.50/hour (Additional $15/hour for lights)
  • Non-resident: $15/hour (Additional $15/hour for lights)
  • Non-profit: $10/hour (Additional $15/hour for lights)
  • Pitching Mounds: $25/mound/day (50% off for tournaments)

Amphitheater (3-hour minimum)

  • Oak Ridge resident: $150 ($50 for each additional hour, $500/day)
  • Non-resident: $225 ($75 for each additional hour, $750/day)
  • Non-profit: $112.50 ($37.50 for each additional hour, $375/day)

Open areas (greenways). Greenway permits are required for business use such as exercise classes, athletic training, etc.

The Town of Oak Ridge charges a processing fee of $25 to the maker of any dishonored rental payment.