Old Mill of Guilford
The Old Mill of Guilford, located on NC 68, is one of Oak Ridge's most iconic sites.
Charles Benbow House
The Charles Benbow House was built c. 1824.
Oakhurst, built in 1897, was the residence of Martin H. Holt, co-principal of Oak Ridge Institute (now Oak Ridge Military Academy).
Jesse Benbow House
Jesse Benbow built his house not far from where his father, Charles Benbow, lived.
Alumni Hall
Alumni Hall, built in 1914, is the flagship building on the campus of Oak Ridge Military Academy.
Stafford-Benbow House
The Stafford-Benbow House first owned by Robert M. Stafford Sr., who was a popular Guilford County sheriff, and then A. Murrow Benbow, a grandson of Jesse Benbow.
Linville Chapel
Linville Chapel, located on the Oak Ridge Military Academy campus, was built in 1914.
Zack L. Whitaker House
Z.L. "Col. Zack" Whitaker was the longtime owner of this house and was a professor and secretary/treasurer of Oak Ridge Institute (now Oak Ridge Military Academy).

Historic Markers

Since the Oak Ridge Historic District was established in 1994, the Town of Oak Ridge and its Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) have chosen to highlight historic properties with markers, which are located both within the Oak Ridge Historic District and beyond.

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