Park Rules & Regulations

The Town of Oak Ridge's parks were created for the enjoyment of the people of Oak Ridge and paid for by tax dollars from its citizens. We hope that you will utilize them fully, keeping in mind that they are community parks and it falls upon us all to protect them so that unnecessary expenses for maintenance and repair can be avoided and that their natural beauty will be mindfully protected. Enjoy!


  1. Usage:  Drop-in usage is first-come, first-served. Facility rentals and reservations will have priority use at all times. All organized groups and organizations MUST schedule usage through the Park Director.
  2. Trash:  All trash must be discarded inside designated trash receptacles.
  3. Decorations: Nails, glue, staples, screws and duct tape are prohibited in decorating the facility.  If it will leave a permanent mark on the facility in any way, it is prohibited.
  4. Cleaning: Park facilities must be left in the condition in which they were received.  Grounds must be free of trash. Dugouts must be left trash-free. Restrooms must be left in an orderly fashion with urinals and commodes flushed.
  5. No Open Flames:  Candles (excluding small birthday candles) and other open flames are prohibited in buildings. Open fires and fireworks are prohibited on park grounds except as specifically authorized by the Park Director.  The provided grills are for charcoal use only. Personal grills may be used outside (not under) the shelter.
  6. Parking: Parking will be in designated areas only.  Parking is not permitted at the picnic shelters. Violators may be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.
  7. Noise: All music and other noise must be kept to acceptable levels and in accordance with the Town’s Noise Ordinance.
  8. Alcohol: The consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on the facility grounds.
  9. Tobacco:  This is a Tobacco-Free Park.  We ask that you please not use tobacco products while on park premises.
  10. Controlled Substances:  Illegal use of controlled substances is prohibited while on park premises.
  11. Ball fields:  At no time may you add material to the fields without prior expressed permission from the Park Director; staff reserves absolute authority to cancel field reservations due to field conditions.  Fences are not to be climbed, and balls are not to be intentionally kicked, thrown or hit into a fence.  (Note: No for-profit instruction is allowed unless contracted through the Town of Oak Ridge.)
  12. Motorized Vehicles:  Motorized vehicles are prohibited unless specifically authorized by Parks & Recreation (P&R) staff.
  13. Pond and Lake:  Bathing, swimming and boating are prohibited in pond and lake.  Use caution when walking near the pond.  Stay off pond and lake ice.
  14. Signs:  The addition of signage without prior P&R staff approval is prohibited.
  15. Child Safety:  Young children are to be supervised by responsible adults.  Any child feeling threatened is encouraged to promptly notify any available P&R staff member or team coach for assistance.  Convicted sex offenders are prohibited from entering park premises.
  16. Medical Concerns / Emergencies:  Patrons with existing medical concerns are encouraged to consult their personal physician before using park facilities.  FOR EMERGENCIES, CALL 911.
  17. Vendors: The Park Director will determine where vendors may be situated during special events and other activities.  Vendor events and participants must be approved in advance by the Park Director.
  18. Pets:  Pets must be leashed (unless in the Bark Park) and under control at all times. Dangerous pets or animals are prohibited.
  19. Lost & Found: Oak Ridge Parks & Recreation or the Town of Oak Ridge are not responsible for lost or stolen items.  Park visitors are encouraged to lock their vehicles. For lost items, please notify the Park Director during regular business hours at (336) 644-7009.
  20. Concession Facility: The individual(s) responsible for operating the Concession Facility is/are responsible for keeping it clean at all times. All floor spills must be mopped or swept and all sinks, counters and equipment must be kept clean. Money must never be left unattended, and is to be removed daily at closing. Any damage is to be reported to the Park Director. Any fee arrangement is by prior written agreement signed by the appropriate party and the Park Director.
  21. Bicycles, Skates, and Skateboards:  Bicycles, skates and skateboards are allowed on the sidewalks and walking trails. However, in all cases, pedestrians always have the right of way. Bikers and skaters must remain on the right third of the paths or sidewalks and use discretion around pedestrians. Aggressive cycling, skating or skateboarding on park premises are prohibited.
  22. Trespassing: Entering park premises outside of normal operating hours is prohibited.
  23. Hours of Operation: Normal hours of park operation are dawn to dusk, except in conjunction with authorized ball games and other authorized events, in which case the park closes fifteen minutes after the end of the last event.
  24. Park Rules:  All park rules and applicable town, county, state and federal laws must be abided by at all times. Violations of these provisions will result in the loss of the ability to use Town facilities at the discretion of the Oak Ridge Parks & Recreation department. Park security is enforced by the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office.