Town of Oak Ridge Installs Digital Radar Sign on Haw River Road

Haw River Road Radar Sign
The Town Oak Ridge has installed a permanent digital radar sign on Haw River Road located east of Apple Grove Road in Oak Ridge heading toward Stokesdale to help slow drivers as they approach the more residential portions of the road. The radar sign will indicate a vehicle’s current rate of speed along with the posted speed limit.
NCDOT’s speed and traffic analyses done earlier this year revealed that higher speeds were most prevalent in the largely non-residential areas west of Linville Road and that drivers typically slow down to an average of 45 mph as they approach residential areas of Haw River Road. Understanding that residents of Oak Ridge remain interested in increasing safety on Haw River Road after the tragic deaths of Noah Chambers in 2019 and Aliyah Thornhill in 2022, Oak Ridge Town Council approved the placement of the permanent digital radar sign on Haw River Road. The Town will use data from the solar powered radar sign to determine its effectiveness and potential for adding similar signs on key roads in Oak Ridge.
The Town of Oak Ridge has also developed a safety awareness program for residents that will be shared on its Facebook and Nextdoor pages which promotes improving safety for pedestrians, cyclists, and motor vehicles. (Photo by Ashley Royal)