Tree Board

The purpose of the tree board is to hear and recommend to town council matters relating to trees including landscape plans and tree preservation plans, and to advise staff, other boards, and town council on maintaining and enhancing the town's tree resources.


The Board meets on the 1st Thursday of every month at 10 am in the conference room at Oak Ridge Town Hall.


Tree Board Members (click on the name of the member to send an email)

Austin Goldman, Co-Chair

(336) 668-9424
Term Expires: 11/2025

Roy Nydorf, Co-Chair
(336) 643-3532
Term Expires: 11/2024

Nancy Stoudemire, Secretary
(336) 643-6516
Term Expires: 11/2024

John Browning (Parks & Recreation Advisory Board Liaison)
(336) 215-8740
Term Expires: 11/2025