Town Hall

Frequently Asked Questions


 When is Town Hall open?

Monday through Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm, except for holidays and weather emergencies. Please call ahead to make sure someone is available. 

 How do I request public records?

Please make your request for copies of public records through the Public Information Request form linked here. Copies or information requiring research will be made available in a reasonable time. Fees for materials or reproduction of materials shall be at the cost of or the usual and customary fee for the service. Submit the completed form to

Requests to view public records in the Town Hall Offices can be made by appointment. Please call (336) 644-7009 to make this appointment.


 What are the rules for making public comments during a Council meeting?

Public Comments

During every regular Town Council meeting, there are two periods for Public Comments during which the public may offer remarks. Individuals are recognized by the mayor and given up to 3 minutes to speak. Individuals are asked to approach the podium to state their name and address for record before speaking. Commentary is generally open and subject to proper decorum. This is a time period for the public to offer remarks or make statements to the Council. Council members do not engage in conversation or answer questions during this time.


Public Hearings

Public Hearings follow a different structure. Council sets a time period, generally 20 minutes, for those wishing to speak in support of the issue being heard, followed by a second time period of equal length for those wishing to speak in opposition. Individuals are asked to approach the podium to state their name and address for record before speaking. Following that, there will be a second time period set by Council, generally 5 minutes, for rebuttals in support of and another equal time period for rebuttals in opposition to the issue. A spokesperson may be appointed to speak for a group or delegation wishing to make comments. Standards for decorum apply during these sessions for comments.

 What is the Town Budget?

The full fiscal year budget can be viewed on the Financial Information page.

 Where are Town meetings held?

All Town meetings are held at the town hall at 8315 Linville Road.

 Where is Town Hall?

Town Hall is located at 8315 Linville Road. We are located beside the Post Office and across from the Town Park.

 Who handles road maintenance issues such as dead animals or fallen limbs?

Dead animals on the road or in the right of way will be picked up by the N.C. Department of Transportation, who is in charge of maintaining our local roads. The Town of Oak Ridge does not have a street department, or the manpower or equipment to handle such issues. To arrange for dead animal pickup, the DOT's phone number is 336-487-0100 (Main line). 

 Who handles trash pickup in Oak Ridge?

The Town contracts with GFL Environmental for garbage and recycling pickup. Please contact GFL Environmental at (336) 665-0422 for pick-up schedules and other questions.