Mountains-to-Sea Trail Committee

The Mountains-to-Sea Trail stretches 1,175 miles from the Great Smoky Mountains to the Outer Banks. The mission of the Oak Ridge Mountains-to-Sea Trail Committee is to plan and coordinate the development of the trail through the Town of Oak Ridge. The mission will be accomplished in multiple ways, including:

1. Working with landowners, neighborhood groups, town staff, trail users, and other governmental agencies to identify the primary Mountains-to-Sea Trail corridor through Oak Ridge, and to identify appropriate trail spurs and connections;
2. Identifying appropriate trail surfaces and design based on environmental factors and user preferences;
3. Advocating, promoting, and serving as the public face for the Mountains-to-Sea Trail in Oak Ridge;
4. Managing and recruiting volunteers (and design/construction professionals as needed) for the planning and construction of the trail;
5. Developing a plan for trail maintenance, future connections, and ancillary improvements such as trailheads, kiosks, signage, etc.
6. Reporting to Town Council monthly.

For more information on the trail system, visit

Committee Chair:
    Anne Steele